About Me

About Me


This is that super-uncomfortable moment where I have to write about myself in a way that is sufficiently impressive, but doesn't make me sound like a tosser.

(Alternatively I could write in the third person and pretend someone else wrote it, but that's a bit pretentious and no one believes it…)


So, ‘Hi – I'm Rob'.

That's me with the bright red hair.

(It's a lifestyle choice!).


  • a hypnotist (which means that I travel all over the world performing a comedy hypnosis show and helping people to explore their imagination for the audience's entertainment)
  • a lifestyle/success coach (so I help people master their mind and emotions to build a better life)
  • an entrepreneur (I have founded and built 4 separate businesses to over $2million in sales)

As a kid, I always realised that I had a wild and crazy imagination.

I've always been able to ‘THINK BIG'.

In fact, I find it impossible to think small.

From early on, I noticed that I seemed to have a different outlook on life to most people.

I always think positive, not negative.

I'm constantly striving towards goals, not reflecting on the past.

I believe that anything is possible, regardless of barriers.

I don't think we need to ‘conform' to society, I'm all about building a life of¬†meaning.

On reflection, that means that my entire life has been a journey of personal growth and development.

I was a shy and quiet kid, terrified of everything.

Over the years that I spent en route to becoming a professional performer and speaker, I overcame so many hurdles and barriers which have just exploded my passion for personal development and self-improvement.

Now I'm dedicated to helping regular people (just like me!) all over the world to build their perfect lives.

In fact, I started Success Kickstart with one simple mission…

I am striving to touch the lives of ONE MILLION people around the world and help them to create a happier, healthier, more confident, fulfilled and truly successful life!

It's a big-ass goal, but through my free content, paid training programs and live seminars – I'm convinced I can do it.

And, by stopping by today, you have become part of it.

Excited to get going?

Good, me too!

Here's where you should get started…

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