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Why You Should Embrace Change

Written by Rob J. Temple

Our lives are constantly changing.

As every second passes by, the ‘future' becomes the ‘past', and it's happening SO fast.

The second hand ticks around the clock.

One episode of your favourite Netflix boxset changes into another.

The little grey hairs keep creeping in.

(Unless you take a leaf out of my book and dye it all red).

Whether you choose to notice it or not, changes are happening around you ALL of the time.

How do YOU cope with these transformations? Are you reluctant to move with the times?

Does ‘change' scare you, or do you embrace new things?

Change is scary for a lot of people, mostly because of the ‘fear of the unknown'.

It kinda makes sense, because you're probably pretty comfortable right now.

I mean, life might not be perfect.

There might be ups and downs, but at least you know what you've got.

You might not be the happiest that you could be, but at least you've grown used to it.

Change brings that daunting thought of…

‘What if something terrible waits around the corner?'

It's a thought born from anxiety and worry.

It's the fear of the unknown being worse than the known.


Let's just quickly address one big myth.

Change doesn't necessarily bring about BAD things…

…and there's just as much chance that there are GOOD things on their way for you.

If you want to live a life that is full of potential, it's essential that you learn to embrace change.

There's nothing that you can do to stop it – so it's only going to cause you problems if you try to resist it.

And if you can't stop it, then you need to change how you feel about it or react to it.

The first step is to learn to accept change.

Fighting against it is not only unhealthy, but it's also pointless… because it's a fight that will cost you time, energy and potentially money, with a 0% chance of winning.

Once a change has begun, you're going to struggle to push the needle back to where it used to be.

So, instead of fighting it… focus on changing the way that you react to it.

Here's a question:

What if I made you the following offer:

“I want to give YOU a life-changing amount of money. How much do you want?”.

Now, maybe you'd say $10,000. Or $50,000. Or $1,000,000.

That number is going to be different for everyone.

Either way, it would be pretty transformative, wouldn't it?

If I just sat down and wrote you a cheque for whatever amount of money you wanted.

The amount of money you'd consider to be “life-changing”.

You'd probably be pretty happy, wouldn't you?

What if I gave you a billion dollars to spend.

Chances are, your life would change quite dramatically.

You'd probably leave your job, buy your dream home(s), drive your ideal car(s), travel to exotic places…

In fact, most people would change the majority of things about their life.

(Yes, even you stubborn people who don't think you'd live any differently).

I mean, if you won the jackpot on the lottery tomorrow… and then the people who run the lottery (whoever they are?) snatched the money away, shouting “No! We can't give you that… because you don't want change!”, then you'd be pretty pissed off, wouldn't you?

So, why are THOSE changes acceptable, but day-to-day changes are terrifying?

It's interesting to see how quickly something so scary, becomes something so exciting.

Well it's because you'd feel in control of the changes.

You chose the houses and the cars. You decided to leave your job.

You were in CONTROL.

That's why you need to find a way to take charge of all of the changes that seem outside of your control.

The fastest way to to do that is to start looking for the positives in every situation and deciding how you're going to use those bumps in the road as a springboard.

Ever heard that ‘every cloud…'?

Well, it's true.

I know it's hard to stay positive when you're dealing with changes like death, redundancy or relationships breaking down.

Seems hard to find the silver lining, doesn't it?

What if that redundancy leads to the chance to take on the career of your dreams? Or start that brand new business?

What is that break up leads to you meeting someone who makes you feel even more complete?

I know that death is hard to deal with, but over time it becomes easier. The person that you're missing would want you to be happy, focused and move on with your life, inspiring further positive change.

Every change does have the potential for a positive outcome – if you choose to look for it, and find a way to use it to your advantage.

You only have a limited amount of emotional energy.

Let's imagine that your bank of emotional energy is full and your life is gliding along in cruise control.

Suddenly, something unexpected happens that brings about a BIG, whopping, hairy change in your life.

If you burn up all of your energy trying to fight the inevitable, then it leaves you feeling drained, unfocused and angry or upset when you eventually do lose that fight.

If you choose to use all of that same energy to search for the GOOD things and use them to bounce back, in a positive way, then you're going to thrive.

This all comes down to the decision to focus on your reaction to the change, not the change itself.

The fact of life is that you can't control everything that happens to you, or around you.

You can only control how you react to it and what you do about it.

If you want to improve your life, then things are going to have to change.

An improvement IS a change.

Building a better life requires you to EMBRACE change – both positive and negative.

The good changes come around just as often as the bad ones, if you choose to notice them, celebrate them and hold them high.

The great things that happen around you will propel you forward and help you deal the things that are more challenging.

You need to remember that change, by itself, is not bad or scary.

It's the unknown that is scary.

CHOOSE to take control.

DECIDE to find the positives in every situation.

That's what turns life into an exciting adventure.

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Rob J. Temple

Rob is a hypnotist, success coach and the founder of SuccessKickstart.com. He is on a one-man mission to help ONE MILLION people to build a happier, more confident, fulfilled and successful life.

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