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You Have To Set Your Goals, To Get Your Goals

Written by Rob J. Temple

My experience of working with people to improve their lives, shows me that MOST people are currently not behind the steering wheel of their own lives.

Most people sit back and allow the world, the people in it and the things which happen around them to choose the direction that they take.

In other words, the vast majority of people are living their lives by default and not by design.

That means that if good things happen, great.

And if bad things happen, then… not-so-great.

They just take what they are given because that's the way things are done and that's the way things have always been done.

But you deserve MORE than that.

You deserve to have, achieve and enjoy all of the things that you want from your life.

But there IS a catch.

You have to want them BADLY enough and you have to decide that you're going to get them.

Very few people just walk into the “life of their dreams” by accident.

Almost nobody just finds their truly happy, successful, healthy, fulfilled and truly engaged lifestyle, by chance.

The people who are living out their version of a “perfect” life, usually had to fight, work and strive to get there.

In other words, they had to decide:

a) What they wanted

b) How to get there

And if you don't, then you continually rely on the direction that the world takes you.

I don't care how old you are, what experiences you have had in your life or what quality of happiness and success you have right now… it is NEVER too late to start setting goals (and reaching them, too).

Setting goals for your life is a scary, exciting, fun, adventurous and passionate addition to your journey, that will give your life true purpose and meaning.

It also gives you somewhere to “go”.

There's nothing worse than waking up on the morning of your day off work, with absolutely NO idea where you want to go or HOW you want to spend it.

I'm sure we can all relate to that?

Well living a life without specific goals is like doing that, EVERY second, of EVERY day.

It's just that we're too overwhelmed by all of the directions that the world is pushing and pulling us, that it's too hard to notice.

Most people are kinda vaguely aware of they want, but without actually taking the time to turn those things into solid goals.

But as you're reading this blog post, right now… just stop and think about it.

Do you REALLY know where you want to go in life? When you look at the bigger picture.

If not… then you're surely going to be lacking “purpose”.

Setting goals is the first BIG key to overcoming that.

It doesn't matter whether they are HUGE goals or just little stepping stones, creating an objective in your life is a real core pillar of defined, absolute happiness.

You also have to make sure that the goals you set are TRULY aligned with you.

They have to fall in-sync with your values, ethics and motivations, rather than following the crowd and copying what other PEOPLE want from their life.

By creating targets, objectives and goals for yourself, you're able to truly claim back responsibility for your life and KNOW 100% that YOU are in control – and that's an incredible driving force for achievement.

Setting goals (and working towards them) takes you gently outside of your comfort zone, stretching you to your highest potential and giving you the ability to become the person that you want, no matter how long it takes you to achieve the bigger goals.

When you unlock this “growth mindset” it maintains motivation and excitement for your life and helps you to remain focused on the important things in life.

Lack of goal setting is the reason why SO many people hit an old age and look back over their life in wonderment, puzzled by where the years went and why they didn't achieve all of the things that they wished they had, in retrospect.

Have you ever looked at someone else who had achieved something you wish you could do, and thought…

“Why have THEY managed to do that, and I haven't?”

“How did THEY get to where they are, while I'm still down here?”

The truthful answer is that THEY set a goal and actively worked towards it.

You didn't.

But you can change that, starting right here, today.

It's important that you make your goals specific and time-based. Make sure you know PRECISELY what you want, and WHEN you want to achieve it by.

You can document your goals on a piece of paper (handwritten is best) and keep it somewhere visible at home, where you'll see it a LOT.

You should also document your plan to reach those goals and keep firm track of your progress.

Having a goal somewhere way off in the distance is one thing, but actually working towards it (and monitoring that!) is something very different.

That's where your daily journal will come in, helping you to keep track of where you're heading as your goals draw closer.

If you're really scared of goal setting, then make sure that you set a combination of big goals AND small goals too. The big ones can sometimes be a little intimidating, because they seem so far away, requiring a lot more time, effort and energy.

Using smaller, bitesize (but meaningful) goals will help to carry you forward on that journey. You'll pick up momentum as you hit each of your smaller goals.

Each one will make you feel more motivated and powerful, and keep pushing you forward towards the bigger goal.

Every time you achieve one of those smaller objectives, you'll be filled with a spark of happiness, excitement and pride.

You also need to make sure that you set goals in all areas of your life. Don't just focus on your hobbies or your career.

Create targets in your finances, relationships, health, home life and more, so that you're moving your entire life forward.

Let's face it, you would never get in your car and start driving, just telling your fancy satellite navigation system to take you “wherever it wants”, would you?

If you don't start setting (and then actively working towards!) your goals, then that's what you're doing with your life.

When life isn't giving you what you want, you have to start by DECIDING what *YOU* really want.

Stop “treading water” and start setting goals. Today.


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