Episode 000: Welcome To The Success Kickstart Podcast

Are you ready to transform your life for the better, and become the happiest, most confident, motivated and successful version of yourself?

Then you're in the right place…

Introducing: The Success Kickstart Podcast

I am SO excited that you're here and joining me at the start of this new ‘leg' (ooh, err…) of SuccessKickstart.com.

This podcast has been an idea floating around in my head for a few years now, so I'm incredibly excited that I finally have the time to make it happen.

This is ALL part of my mission to help ONE MILLION people around the world to create their perfect life and become the perfect version of themselves.

For the past 15 years, I have been obsessed with the world of personal development and self-growth; learning, developing and perfecting strategies to created rapid and radical changes, that last for a lifetime.

I believe that we should all constantly be striving to adapt, improve, learn new skills and effectively evolve.

And this podcast is a new opportunity for me (and my friends!) to share our strategies with you, so that you can build a more successful life – whatever success means to you.

What Does Success Mean To You?

The interesting challenge is that success is entirely subjective.

For some people, it's about a certain amount of money in the bank.

For others it's about the car that they drive.

Some people look for success in their relationships, friendships and family life.

Others just want to be able to do ‘whatever they want, whenever they want, with the people they want'.

Regardless of what YOU consider success to be, this podcast will help you to achieve it.

How Does It Work?

Every single week, I'll be interviewing a special guest from the world of personal development, with a story or a message to share.

It could be an author, speaker, life coach, or someone who has an extraordinary story of struggle, survival or triumph

Each episode will feature a different guest, and I'll be grilling them to get all of the gossip, and uncover their secrets of success.


To celebrate the launch of this podcast, I'm releasing a DAILY episode for the first week.

That's SEVEN days. SEVEN episodes. SEVEN guest experts… just to kickstart things.

This episode doesn't count – this is just a preliminary episode, so that we can become pals.

The first proper episode will be here in just a few days.

Let's Look At What's Coming…

The first episode is with my friend Amy Simpkins, a former astronautical engineer, talking about ‘spiral development' and how it applies to personal development.

On day 02, I'm talking with Tom Beal (aka. The Simplifier), about why most people overcomplicate their path to success, but he believes that simplicity is the key.

Next, for episode 03, I'll be introducing you to Tanya Whittam, who has an extraordinary story and will be sharing her strategies for breaking free from a ‘victim' mindset.

Day 04 is with Steven Aitchison, about how to form and change your beliefs, to transform your life and on day 05, you'll meet the UK's leading body language expert, Robert Phipps, who talks about why it's what you don't say that is important – and how to transform your life by studying your body language.

The sixth episode features Emily Chadbourne, a dating and relationships coach, who will talk about creating a phenomenal life that attracts the love that you deserve and finally, to wrap up our first week with episode 07, we'll speak to Gemma Bailey, the founder of NLP4Kids about her journey and the power that NLP has to transform the lives of us (and our children).


That's a lot of stuff – and that's only the first WEEK of content.

After that, we'll have a brand new episode every single Friday like clockwork.

What Should You Do Next?

  1. Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think – what do YOU want to hear from this podcast over the coming weeks?
  2. Subscribe to the podcast on your favourite podcast player – leave me a review and rate the podcast 5*
  3. Connect with me on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and let's keep the conversation going!

And, of course, please SHARE this podcast with your friends and anyone who you think it would help. The more people who hear this, the better a world we can build.

About the author

Rob J. Temple

Rob is a hypnotist, success coach and the founder of SuccessKickstart.com. He is on a one-man mission to help ONE MILLION people to build a happier, more confident, fulfilled and successful life.

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