Episode 002: Stop Overcomplicating Success (Simplify and Shine) – With Tom Beal


Tom Beal believes that in this complicated, modern world the key to success is simplicity. He explains that by simplifying your life, cutting out the things that aren't serving you and streamlining everything, you can build the lifestyle of your dreams.



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Tom, tell us about your life…


  • I was born to teenagers, and I know that there was a lot of talks about abortion.
  • Being born to teenagers it created a lot of chaos – my parents (between the two of them) were divorced 4 times and married 6 times.
  • It was chaotic and hard but I know that all of that experience gave me the foundations for what was to come.
  • I had love from my family and my mother told me that I could have anything I wanted.
  • At a young age I became good at sports and finished up as a national champion in sports.
  • In a divorce, my Mother who was in charge of our team, had a difficult time and we lost sponsorships and I had to get a factory job.
  • I tried multiple different jobs but couldn't find happiness in the job roles.
  • I met a marine recruiter who made me question what I was doing and I saw a future as a marine.
  • I quickly realised there were rules to the game and became a high performer in the Marines.
  • When I left the marines I went back to college, entered the corporate world in the field of sales.
  • Quickly became #1 in 5 different sales organisations.
  • Decided to become an entrepreneur and thought I'd find it easy – but quickly failed, lost of all of my savings and had to beg for my job back.
  • I knew that the job would be temporary and that I would get back to entrepreneurship, which I did – with more reality and grounding.
  • Went on to produce tens of millions of dollars, producing a great lifestyle and helping others.

I know that ‘simplicity’ has become your mantra for life. We live in a complicated, fast-paced world. Why is simplicity the key??


  • In dealing with some of the best known business owners and personal development experts in the world, I have seen that many of them overcomplicate things.
  • I also have a habit of overcomplicating things and decided to explore the path of “less is more” (and find out if it's true).
  • Imagine watching people spinning plates, watching them keeping 15-20 plates spinning at the same time. This is like today's society.
  • We have so much available to us that we're all trying to spin too many plates, and a lot of them aren't getting the momentum that they need and are falling.
  • It produces a real feeling of failure when everyone else seems to be doing so well at keeping all of their plates spinning, while you're struggling.
  • Recognise the Pareto Rule and know that 20% of the ‘plates' are producing 80% of your results .
  • That means you can let those other 80% of the plates fall, and still be 80% of what you were.
  • Out of 100 ‘plates' that means you're wasting your time and energy on 80 plates that aren't really making a difference, while only 20 plates are making a difference.
  • And zooming in to those 20 plates, you'll find that only 20% of those (4) are producing 80% of those results.
  • Let the insignificant plates fall and give your time and energy and focus to the correct things.
  • When I realised this, the ‘less is more' became a reality for me and I realised that the more I followed the rule, the more I achieved.

Why do you think most people are over-complicating their path to success? What are the symptoms that someone can look for?


  • We grew up hearing that ‘no pain = no gain', as if you don't deserve the reward unless you suffer.
  • This day and age has made it a badge of honour to be ‘busy' and working hard.
  • I used to brag to a friend about how hard I was working, expecting him to pat me on the back.
  • My friend questioned it and asked how much time I was spending with my new child and my wife.
  • That shattered my paradigm and I realised that I wasn't spending enough time with the people who were important to me.
  • Bragging about how hard I'm working was counter-intuitive to my goals in life.
  • Lots of people are addicted to working too hard, but when you break out of that to create the freedom to have the lifestyle I want.
  • The question is, “how can I get the same results by working on the important 20%”.
  • We overcomplicate because society is plugged into screens (mobile phones, computers, etc).
  • It's easy to become addicted to the distractions and the 80% of the things that don't give us a result.
  • The technology companies income and revenue are directly correlated to how much of our attention they steal.
  • Learn to USE the screens and the tech companies, rather than being used by them.

Technology can be a negative influence on our mission to simplify, so how should it be used?


  • Time is our most precious asset (and that's a whole different conversation).
  • Time is constantly churning away and we are constantly running out of it.
  • As someone who has had a near-death experience, I've come to realise that life is going to be a brief journey, no matter how long I live.
  • Think about time as being like money. This will make you more careful about how you invest it and where you choose to invest it.
  • Think about the time that you throw away on a regular basis, like 15 minutes here or 15 minutes there. Imagine it being like a $20 bill or a $50 bill.
  • You don't want to throw your money away, you won't want to throw your money away.
  • Time is the great equaliser – all of the millionaires and billionaires in this world all have the same 24 hours in a day that you do.
  • How you choose to waste or invest those 24 hours determines the life and the happiness that you're currently experiencing.
  • Your life will become a reflection of wisely investing your most precious asset.

What are some simple rules that we can follow to find the 20% of the things that are producing 80% of the results, so that we know what to cut out?


  • Most people are lying to themselves about where they currently are in their health, relationships or finances.
  • It requires a real look in the mirror and to be totally honest with yourself about where you are.
  • Now gain the same clarity on where you want to BE in your health, relationships, finances, career, business, etc.
  • Then plan out the simple plan to get you from where you are in the most direct path possible.
  • I boil it down to 4 questions to gain clarity:
    • What is the ONE thing that I need to start doing to move forward exponentially?
    • What do I need to do more of (the 20% activities that get 80% of the results)?
    • What do I need to less of (that's everything else on your list)?
    • What do I need to stop doing altogether?
  • There are many other solutions, but that's the real important one.
  • That answer isn't just business related, but it applies to work, family, hobbies and everything else.

There's a fine line between simplifying our lives and giving up on our wildest dreams. How do we get that balance right?


  • The reality is that when you're clear about what you want, you recognise the thousands of other things that you have been spinning, but serve no purpose.
  • It gives you laser focus to be true to yourself rather than trying to be everything to everyone.
  • It's a self-introspection of ‘what is important to me?' and ‘what do I want to be, do and have?'
  • When you have that clarity, it's easier to say no to the things that you ordinarily might have said yes to, out of a feeling of duty.
  • You really take ownership of what you say yes or no to and decide whether it's in alignment with what you want.
  • It's simple to say ‘No' to the things that are not the right fit for you.
  • Taking charge of ownership of choice makes all of the difference and it's born out of total clarity.
  • If it's not a ‘Hell yes!' it's a ‘Hell No!'.
  • Strengthen your ‘No' muscle and you'll know whether something is good for you or not.
  • The life of a simplifier allows you to dream bigger and are more apt to become a reality.
  • You're chasing ONE rabbit instead of a thousand rabbits.
  • You walk tall and confidently towards the dreams and goals that you have, without being pulled off course.

What does a day in the life of ‘The Simplifier' look like?


  • I've lived in lots of places across the USA and have travelled throughout the world.
  • I started by deciding to live somewhere that I consider paradise (South Florida) and that is my HQ, although I travel a lot.
  • In my travels, I always feel excited to go home and that is a really important thing.
  • Every day I wake up early and take a morning walk to the beach (which is a 3.4 mile round trip) with my t-shirt in my back pocket, to pick up sun and get vitamin D.
  • I have my airpods and listen to audiobooks or podcasts on 3x speed. On a 1-hour roundtrip, I listen to three hours of Audible.
  • Your mind absorbs information and listening to audiobooks becomes part of who you are.
  • That morning work gets my mental, physical and emotional health squared off for the day.
  • Every day, my day starts off successfully and I'll always have that morning routine, even if I'm travelling.
  • I spend some time with my Fiancee and then I walk to the office (it's walking distance).
  • I work from the office for a few hours, creating videos, working with clients, etc.
  • Sometimes I'll also take a moped up to a foot massage place, and listened to more audiobooks while doing that.
  • It's a day that I have created, to be unlike what I had in the past.
  • I'll still do calls with my clients, but I've chosen to only schedule 2-3 calls per day, unlike my old coaching business when I would brag about how hard I work.
  • We try to travel one week per month to experience something fun and making this journey a dream.

What are the top 3 things we should do next?


  1. Sit down and establish what your ideal morning routine would be. What is your ‘hour of power'?
  2. Gain clarity on where you are and where you'd like to be on these three areas of your life: Your health (mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually), your relationships and your financial situation.
  3. I had a near death experience and consider this my second chance. Without YOU having to go through that, consider this to be your second chance. Relieve yourself of your past and any poor decisions and start afresh. Consider this the plot twist in your life.

And into the quickfire round…


What is the best self-development advice you've ever received from someone else and who gave you that advice?

  • “You wanna impress me? Get the same results in half the time. Then do it again.” – my friend.

Can you give us a personal ‘habit’ or personality trait that you think contributes to your success?

  • Listening to audio books and podcasts on fast speed for one hour on a morning.

This podcast is all about building a more successful life. What does SUCCESS mean to you?

  • Being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want with whomever I want.

Where can we find out more about you?

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