Episode 010: Use Your Spiritual Force To Change Your Life – with Maria Flynn

Your life is governed by the way that you show up every day and the things that you consistently commit to. In this episode, Maria Flynn teaches about spiritual force and changing your life.

Show Notes

Maria, tell us about your life…

  • Like a lot of people, I was turned on by the movie, ‘The Secret'.
  • I was in a real ‘funk' when that came around, in 2006.
  • Through my own personal journey, I used the things I learned about energy, the law of attraction and other universal laws to change my life.
  • This brought me online and I got a calling to come online and share the things that I've learned.
  • That's turned into a Facebook page with over 280,000 followers and a book called ‘From Funk To Freedom', where I shared my journey of being broke, overweight and depressed and how I overcame that.

If you had to identify the worst moment in your life, what would that be? And what did you do to overcome it? What was the lesson from that?

  • Going through the journey and practising the law of attraction and energy and everything, I got really sick.
  • It was one of those things where we weren't sure what the outcome was going to be.
  • I thought I had been doing everything right, and I was like “This is how you thank me, Universe?”.
  • I took a day after getting some hard news and did a lot of introspection, a deep meditation and I had this internal conversation.
  • What came down to a ‘drop to your knees' kind of moment also put me on a catapult.
  • I knew that the doctors knew their thing, but I knew my thing, and I knew how energy works and how the universal laws work. It set up a situation that was ‘all in' or not at all.
  • Thankfully I trusted the doctors and what they had to say but I also trusted what came through in my own meditation and spiritual force that I felt equally supported, so here I am today.
  • I'm not going to discount medicine, because medicine works, but it wasn't everything.
  • What came out on the other side was an even deeper awareness of how energy works in our every day life.

What's your biggest and most exciting epiphany that you've ever had and what impact did that have on your life?

  • The brilliant power of contrast.
  • One of the things I learned is how contrast gets you really clear and a breakdown can get you really clear.
  • When things go wrong, instead of focusing on what's wrong, they can literally be the catapult to where you want to go.
  • When you're in a place that you don't like, not only are you completely aware of what's wrong, you're also completely aware of where you want to go.
  • Being ill made me really clear about how health is important and needs to be a priority.
  • That power of contract creates a catapult. Instead of focusing on the tension and getting stuck, remember that the stronger a catapult can shoot you forward is dependent on how tight that tension is.
  • I have learned that when things don't go right, I don't get stuck there for very long, because that's really good fuel for that catapult to redirect my attention about where it is that I do want to go.

When it comes to personal development and self-improvement, what's your basic philosophy?

  • Commitment and consistency creates. That's the bottom line.
  • I have discovered that people are already practising commitment and consistency and those are powerful words.
  • Your commitment is your energy and what you're committed to is what you're doing consistently, and that's the language that the universe hears.
  • If you don't like whats going on in your life, look at what you're practising in a committed and consistent way.
  • For example, if you're taking 20 minutes to visualise each day, but you spend the rest of your day watching TV and scrolling through social media, then think about what you're really committed to and what you're doing consistently, in terms of what your energetic momentum is.

Why do you think most people are not living their life to their to their full potential, or enjoying the happiness, confidence or freedom that they desire?

  • As much as I love social media, the internet and the immediacy with which you can get things, we're starting to develop a culture that's based on ‘bigger, better, faster, more and how quick can I have it?'.
  • When you do that, you're missing the opportunity for growth and deeper inspiration, where you heart takes the lead and you grow in a way that aligns with purpose and fulfilment. Those things need nurture and time.
  • If you give yourself that space to really search for your purpose and meaning, then you're weaving in your spiritual force.
  • Spiritual force is not something that you can Google. It's something that you need to tap into and it takes your commitment and consistency to tapping into that side of you.
  • Otherwise you get distracted by all of the other things around you. You start to rely outside of yourself for joy and let randomness take over in your life.
  • It takes a real committed individual to just slow down and take thoughtful actions.

What are the keys to unlocking personal growth and setting a plan to build the life that you want?

  • I just did a whole course on creating an abundant life and for me, the key is to really understand this commitment and consistency.
  • That word, ‘Commitment', is about looking at your life and taking action without hesitancy.
  • For example, if I want to create the life that I love and I'm at a job that is 9-5, then I need to show commitment. So I focused a good portion of my life to getting up at 4-5am, and I was really committed to diving in to what brought long-term joy to my life… not the short-term, immediate gratification stuff.
  • I was really exploring and giving myself the space to explore my personal growth and to study the masters and the teachers.
  • That spiritual force came through as something really important (and also something that is really missing in most people's personal development.

What is ‘Spiritual Force' within personal development and why is it so important?

  • It's the part of you that you recognise when you're around people who inspire you.
  • When you look at the word ‘Inspire', the definition itself lends to how spiritual force is showing up for you.
  • We love inspirational books, speakers and inspirational stories. They turn something on for us.
  • Someone who would inspire you might be different to someone who inspires me.
  • For example, athletes have role models that they look up to and get inspired by, so that they can level-up to their next athletic ability.
  • I look at the masters and teachers who inspire me and realise that the word inspire means that the universe has breathed a truth onto you. You can Google that one!
  • When that truth has been breathed onto you, that's another way of saying that the universe has used this person as an instrument.
  • This is something that you feel in your body. I say to my clients all of the time, that you don't have to listen to anything that I say, but definitely believe what your body tells you.
  • Inspiration does that to you. We feel it in our heart and our throats. Sometimes we get overcome with emotion and tears, because it is a soul truth.
  • Here's what's wrong. People might invest in a book, movie or event and get totally inspired, and that energy might linger for a week or two.
  • It's that small 1% who know to take that inspiration and keep going, because that's a signal of something thats meaningful, and it resonates.
  • When something resonates, it's because it's something that has been in you, and aligns with your purpose but has been dormant for too long.
  • That instrument (the person) who brought that inspiration helped bring that forward for you, but it's up to you to continue to breathe life into you.
  • What inspired you and why? Those are really good signals for you to explore.
  • The more that you meditate and really give personal development the investment that it merits, the more you start to unfold the magic in your life.
  • Spiritual force helps you to figure out what you're here to do, because everybody here has a purpose.

What would you say to someone who says they haven't felt inspired for a while. For example, sometimes people see successful people, but rather than take inspiration they just feel like they'll never be that good?

  • First of all, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy' [Theodore Roosevelt].
  • When you connect with your spiritual side and my spiritual force, you also recognise that infinite possibilities exist.
  • I remind you of the miracle that you are.
  • You being here is no accident. How many thousands of love stories had to happen, before you showed up here?
  • Think about what it is for you to wake up and show up every day. That magic that makes your body work.
  • Remember that you are a divine person, here with purpose. You're not separate from the universe.
  • Just like the tides work with the planetary systems, just like seasons come and go, just like you trust that the sun will rise every morning and set every night, you have this divine rhythm that also works with the universe and it has infinite possibilities.
  • For those that are in the personal development world and want to step forward, I remind them about Hay House (and Louise Hay). What an amazing legacy she has left.
  • When you get down to the brass tacks, and look at any of the books from Hay House publishing, you'll know that every one of those teachers are teaching the same damn thing.
  • It's because those lessons haven't changed. They have been around for thousands of years. What makes it unique is that each person has delivered it with their own unique spirit and story.
  • It's not about comparison, its about finding how it's unique to you and how your energy to share is going to resonate with just the right person.

There's probably a lot of people who are interested in personal development because they want to improve their life, but they are scared of spirituality or don't consider themselves to be a spiritual person. How does someone get started if they want to tap into that side of their life?

  • Put yourself in the environment to explore it. You can start off small with books and teachers.
  • I have found a variety of teachers. Some I liked, some I didn't. Just because I didn't like some of them, doesn't make them bad teachers.
  • As much as I love spiritual force, I'm sure you can tell that I'm pretty much a brass tacks kind of girl.
  • I'm very little on ‘grey area'. I don't like people who waste my time and I'm very good at boundaries.
  • Just because you're a spiritual person, it doesn't mean that you lay down flat and get bulldozed. It's really about finding strength and empowerment in yourself.
  • Find communities, find the teachers and invest in your personal growth and development.
  • When you understand the value that it brings into your life and how it can really propel you forward, you're going to see why it's worth investing your time, energy, resources and your money into books, programs and activities.
  • The next question is, ‘What if I don't like it?'. Well, good! You just learned something. That's equally good information. That's fuel for your catapult.
  • Now you know what NOT to invest in, and you can invest it in other areas.
  • Keep exploring because your life can only grow to the extent that you're willing to grow.

Is this spiritual journey going to be the same for everyone, or is it likely to be different?

  • It's unique to everybody. Some people like to use the word ‘universe', while others like to use the word ‘God'.
  • I'm familiar with many spiritual teachers who all come from different perspectives.
  • One of the writers on my site specialises in angel communication, so she teaches from that space. Other people just teach from a space of intuition. Some people just like to speak from the space of the Bible. That's all valid, as long as it works and it keeps you moving and growing.

Do you hear much in the way of misconceptions about what spirituality is, or what spiritual force is?

  • I like to focus on what has worked for me and the people that I've helped.
  • I ask people to take that 50,000 foot view, because that's that spiritual space. You're not reacting to life, so you can show up with more compassion and pause before you speak or act.
  • What you see and what I see from that 50,000 foot view is going to be very unique perspectives, and that's the variety of life.
  • The time that I draw the boundary and I know that I'm not supposed to serve someone is when they try to pigeon-hole me in one space.
  • I show up on social media and I have a variety of people that follow and we all exchange and offer advice, but there's always someone who wants to pigeon hole me to use one specific term, and if I don't use that term then I'm a heathen. I know that's someone I'm not meant to serve.
  • That 50,000 foot view doesn't have to wait for church on Sunday. It doesn't end after my daily meditation. It is that spiritual space that comes through naturally, like the way that we breathe.

What are the top things that you'd recommend people do, to start making tremendous changes in their life?

  • Invest in your personal development and growth, and do it with the urgency that is required. It will lead to you to successes (plural).
  • The more you expand yourself, the more you let the universe know about how serious you are about showing up and creating an abundant life… and that means more opportunities show up.
  • The biggest game- changer for me is that it's an urgency for you to thrive in your life, which means that you can change the world.

And into the quickfire round…

What is the best self-development advice you've ever received from someone else?

  • It's a quote that I use all of the time. “How you do anything is how you do everything”, by T. Harv Eker

Can you give us a personal ‘habit’ or personality trait that you think contributes to your success?

  • Consistency and commitment to my growth, in a way that is aligned with everything that is meaningful to me and purposeful to my life.

What does success mean to you?

  • Freedom. Period. Living a life that is abundant in all areas of life. I don't think that money is the answer to everything, because money with poor relationships doesn't bring joy.

Where can we find out more about you?

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