Episode 016: How A Positive Mindset Helps To Bounce Back From Adversity (Or Bounce Forwards!) – with Danielle Downey

How can we learn from the challenges in our lives and ensure we are always progressing towards our goals. Danielle has overcome a great deal of adversity through maintaining a positive mindset and being proactive.


The Show Notes

Danielle, tell us a bit about where you come from and give us your story…

  • I am a mother of six and an ex midwife
  • I used to work in domestic violence
  • I suffered quite a lot of trauma as a child
  • I hate bullying and I am always cheering for the underdog.
  • I hate the word no so I will always find a way to achieve the impossible
  • I’ve spent some of my adult life completely broke, which is difficult with 6 kids.
  • I've always managed to push through with a positive mindset.
  • I set up an online business which gave me some extra income
  • At age 40 I began to experience flashbacks to my sexual abuse trauma and realised I had to face my past.
  • Since then I have been able to help many others deal with their trauma.
  • I decided to write a book and put my story into words.  I had no idea how to start and didn't have much time; I was petrified of the criticism and consequences. It took me 8 moths to write 72000 words.
  • It replaced oprah winfrey as number 1 in the memoirs bestsellers.
  • I get really positive feedback about how my book has changed lives.

Q: Can You identify the lowest points in your life and tell us how you overcame this? What did you learn?

  • When I went to work in domestic violence it unlocked a lot of my trauma
  • I was very shameful and petrified of not being believed.
  • I had two choices: roll over and die or get up and dust myself off, accept that I was the master of my destiny and be a good mum for my kids.
  • I think this choice is really important no matter what we face
  • My difficult time was character building because I realised where my strength lie.

Q: What is the biggest epiphany you have had?Q: Along that roller coaster journey, what was your worst moment in life and what did you do to overcome it?….

  • It was deciding to decide to write my book. I had only written 500 words and knew the scale of my undertaking, but once the floodgates were open the words fell out
  • I was terrified of being a bad writer but I received really positive feedback
  • My bravery has empowered other people, particularly abuse survivors. My example has helped people and led me on an amazing new path.This was an epiphany moment in my life
  • It lead me on an unforeseen new path and let me give people to even more help.

Q: What causes someone to have a naturally negative or [positive mindset in life?

  • I think it's a conscious choice. Is your glass half full or half empty?
  • Being surrounded by negative people has a huge impact on how I feel, so now I'm very careful about how and with whom I spend my time
  • Sometimes it is a learned behaviour. It's important to notice negative patterns and turn those emotions around.
  • Some people lack resilience. People who overcome hardship in early life tend to be more resilient. One has to learn resilience through adversity.
  • We have no control of what's going on around us and we are a work in progress.

Q: What would you say are the main keys to maintaining a positive mindset through hardship?

  • Gratitude is really important. My gratitude for life and the stuff around me plays a huge role
  • It's sometimes the little things we need to be grateful for that will lead to positivity
  • The people around you
  • Self belief is really important
  • ASk not why me? but why not me? What can I learn and what can I take from it?
  • I want to bounce forward so that I'm not just reliving my life but moving forward towards my goals.

Q: If somebody is suffering from a negative mindset, what is the knock on effect and why does negativity stop us from achieving our full potential?

  • I think its because it affects our self belief.
  • It can be very difficult when you have a pattern of learned behaviour to overcome that.
  • Until people are ready to make a change it is very difficult to make progress
  • Not everybody is ready to make a change.
  • Negativity has a strange power of becoming a pattern very quickly
  • It’s easy to go down a path where you encounter health and financial problems which becomes a reinforcing loop.
  • It takes a lot of personal development to see that negativity doesn’t need to hold you back.

Q: What are the top three things that you would encourage our listeners to do to start changing from a negative mindset to a positive mindset and start creating tremendous change in their lives?

  • Make a decision to change your mindset. Decide to decide to decide that today is the day that we are going to go on a new journey. Conscious mindset.
  • Learn to shut down negative thoughts. You can form new habits in 90 days and will start to see things more positively
  • Look at who you spend time with. We are basically the five people we spend most of our tie with so choose your friends wisely.

The Quickfire Round

Q: What is the best personal development advice you ever got, and from whom?

  • Trust my intuition – one of my best friends

Q: Can you give us a personal habit or personality trait that you think most contributes to your success?

  • My ability to not just bounce back but bounce forward, and get off my butt and do stuff!

Q: What does success mean to you?

  • Being the best version of myself, showing up every day as me, and spending time with the people who are important to me

Q: Where can our listeners find out more about you and what you do?

  • Find Danielle's website here.
  • Find Danielle on Twitter here.
  • Find Danielle's book here.

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