Episode 018: Figuring Out Who I Am Through Failure – with Donnie Boivin

If you're afraid of failure, then you're holding yourself back! In this episode, Donnie Boivin talks about the importance of finding out who you really are, through failure. He's had a bumpy road, but he's learned how to USE that to build a life of true happiness and success. Find out how.


The Show Notes

Donnie, tell us a bit about how you got where you are right now…

  • At age 22 I left the marine corps and became a salesman.
  • After business and went off to start my own, convinced that it would be a breeze
  • I had spent 20 years in sales in an employee mindset
  • I was Failing miserably in my business
  • After six months I was on the verge of shutting down my business
  • I had one last speaking engagement and I gave it everything Ive got
  • Afterwards, a guy walked up to me and asked me to retell my story on his podcast
  • I went on his show and picked up a new client from one of his listeners! I was thriilled and started telling my story on podcasts to grow my own business
  • I eventually encountered a podcast so bad it convinced me I could do better, so I did! Now I bonce in and out of the top 200 business category on a regular basis

Q: Along that roller coaster journey, what was your worst moment in life and what did you do to overcome it?….

  • We were on the verge of losing the farm, the marriage. Everything.
  • I had always been able to sell my way out of anything, but I couldn't sell my way out of this one
  • I had to tell my wife we were going to lose it all. She told me to pull my head out of my ass and go sell something!
  • I went to my first speaking engagement, and between these two things, I found a new drive. I had to fail hard to discover who I really am. I had to get down to my darkest depths to finally look at my inner workings and make the changes I had to.

Q: How have you used failure to positively define your life?

  • You've got to get punched in the face by life. If you're not making mistakes then you're not learning. If things aren't breaking you're not going big enough.
  • You're either OK with where you are in life or you get after your dreams
  • I was envisioning myself doing all these cool things but I only saw the good stuff, not the trials and tribulations that help you bet there. I wasn't going big enough with my business or shocking the system
  • In the first six months of my business, I just wasn't challenged enough. I was a 20-year sales guy, but I hadn't evolved, I had just repeated the same year 20 times. I wasn't doing enough to really learn stuff about me.
  • I was blinded by successes that I had had which were masking my ability to find the real me

Q: How is the fear of failure holding people back from achieving their dreams?

  • Because people care too much about what everyone else thinks. They think if they don't do something right then someone will call you out
  • When you walk away from a conversation people aren't thinking about you succeeding or failing. The flip side is that people feel good about themselves
  • It's not a fear of failure is a fear of what other people think about them that holds people back.
  • You're trying to be this awesome person but when you take that mask off that's when you become you and life gets truly fun

Q: How do you really become who you are?

  • Step into the fire.
  • If you're not doing stuff that really scares you then you're not living fully, the universe is asking you if you're in or out. You need to be able to fail good enough to evolve. Most people are allowing their past to define their future
  • Get knocked on your ass and them=n step forward most people are scared of what they would become if they did go all in
  • Start shocking the system and doing things that scare you.
  • The thing that pops up when you do that… that's what you have to conquer. That's the real fear. The emotions that come to the table when you step into your fear
  • Your world will open up like you wouldn't believe

Q: How do we go about failure in a way that allows us to learn from our mistakes and propel our lives forward?

  • Fail on purpose. I mean that you know your life and business are going to move in a particular way…. You're just scared to make the next move. Failing on purpose is knowing you have to take that next move even though you're going to screw it up because you've never done it before
  • I've walked out on stage knowing I'm going to screw up, but the thing is…. Most of the audience doesn't even know you bombed! That's all in your head, you're fighting your own demons.
  • It's only a failure if you quit.

Q: How do you overcome a fear of success?

  • Stop setting goals. This pissed a lot of people off and I love it.
  • Goals don't work. Goals demotivate you
  • People set these massive goals and they already know they can't accomplish them
  • Have a vision of where you think you should go, and then start setting milestones.
  • Working harder doesn't mean anything. Instead of setting lofty goals, set achievable milestones. Incremental growth. Knock down little obstacles and level up in an incremental way
  • Jim Rohn said it best: if someone hands you a million dollars, you need to mentally become a millionaire.
  • Keep evolving and growing on a regular basis because without that growth you'll never be successful

Q: What 3 Actionable steps can you recommend our listeners do?

  • First journal. Ask genuine questions and answer them honestly. Get real with yourself.
  • Second, put in offensive marketing strategy in your life. Every business is in sales of some sort. Every day you need to be big and loud on social media and in life. Have the conversations and meet the people that you need to level up.
  • Thirdly, step into your fear and start doing the things that scare you.

The Quickfire Round

Q: What is the best personal development advice you ever got, and from whom?

  • Devour as many books as you can get your hands on, from my old man.

Q: Can you give us a personal habit or personality trait that you think most contributes to your success?

  • Discipline

Q: What does success mean to you?

  • Freedom. Success is being able to do whatever you want and pay it back. Look forward before looking outward. Life isn't about the things you can do, it's about the stories you can tell about it later

Q: Where can our listeners find out more about you and what you do?

  • My website which is www.donniebovin.com. My podcast www.successchamppodcast.com. Twitter and Instagram Donnie Bovin

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