Episode 023: Believing In Unlimited Possibilities Through Difficult Times – with Pamela M. Covington

As a single mother, Pamela M. Covington's life was transformed from ‘comfortable' to poverty, in the matter of a week. Over the next three years, she was able to turn her situation around to create a successful and happy life. Pamela puts her success partly down to her ability to believe in unlimited possibilities. In this week's episode, she explains how.


The Show Notes

Pamela, tell us a bit about how you got where you are right now…

  • Today I work primarily as a motivational speaker based on some lived experience of poverty
  • I also work counselling low-income people.
  • I went from living a very comfortable middle-class lifestyle to abject poverty in a  week. It took me three years to work my way out of it.

Q: Along that roller coaster journey, what was your worst moment in life and what was the biggest lesson you learned from that?

  • Well, that time in poverty was very hard it took a long time for me to figure out how to get out. I learned a lot of really important lessons but the most important ones are to be resourceful and to believe in yourself. Keep persevering through the difficulties and know that if you're supposed to do it you'll be able to.

Q: You mentioned resourcefulness and self-belief… what other key ingredients are important to get through times like that.

  • Don't let fear rule your life. Be open to the opportunity for good things and stop being afraid of the unknown.
  • I had to self evaluate a lot and the poverty-environment was teaching me to disregard my value.
  • I almost let fear stop me. Don't let the fear of not knowing stop you from growing.

Q: When something bad happens we often find ourselves in a downward spiral. How can we break that spiral and start an upward trajectory?

  • The first thing to do is to realise you're heading in the wrong direction. If you're spending too much time in that deep dark nonproductive space you need to check yourself and ask if you like where you're heading if you just let things go? If not, ask what you're going to do about it.
  • Tap into whatever spiritual beliefs you have because then you open yourself up to unlimited possibility

Q: What causes the limiting beliefs that keep us pinned down?

  • We make our present decisions based on past experiences… then we are limiting ourselves
  • I was going to let poverty conditions define me. Open yourself up to new things and new thoughts.
  • What life before us and what lies behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us
  • People follow celebrities, but all a celebrity is someone who has followed their belief in themselves until they got really good at what they do… We all have something to give and we can all do that. Find the star in yourself.
  • Tap into that power and don't do it based on past conditioning but instead with a sense of what is new and wonderful and different.

Q: A lot of people struggle to really find the thing that they want to do…. What advice do you have to help these people find a life that inspires them?

  • A lot of the time I look back on the things I have achieved already that I believed at the time I couldn't do.
  • I have been in communications for 25 years and I remember the first time I decided I wanted to be on the radio
  • Use the energy of your past triumphs, big or small, to motivate you and figure out what you really want based on the experiences you have enjoyed. Approach the problem with this energy of newness to keep your engine running. Prioritize and give it a go.

Q: You’ve talked about your time of unexpected financial hardship. If someone finds themselves in that situation what are your tips to help them pull themselves out of that even if it seems impossible?

  • Several things. The first one I consider to be prioritorizing. Being willing to make the best decision today that will affect you in the long run
  • Being resourceful. Seeking out those persons or mentors and putting yourself in a position to receive that.
  • Thirdly I like to remind people to expose themselves to unlimited possibility. Opportunity will not knock on your door. Step out of your comfort zone and interact with different people in a different environment. Youll be surprised how many people will come to your aid.
  • If you afford the cost of internet at home public libraries have free internet and offer education. You have to get up and get out. Tap into what you've got, and leverage it in the best possible way.

Q: Are there things we can do to become more resilient and proactively prepare to deal with adversity?

  • Buy time! Practice taking deep breaths, counting, referring to the source. By defaulting to this in difficult times you'll make better decisions in hard times
  • Stall your reactions and stop allowing silly mistakes, and thereby buy some time.
  • We all receive lessons but we need to be aware of our strength and not take for granted what we have already achieved. Value the life lessons that have given you strength.

Q: What are your top three actionable steps can our listeners take right now to improve their lives based on what we have discussed today?

  • Commit some personal time to be mindful and not be afraid of yourself.
  • Do some inspirational reading. You're not alone and there are other people who have had similar experiences. Find the others and be resourceful
  • Resourcefulness. Regardless of anything else that comes your way if you're not being resourceful you'll stay stuck.

The Quickfire Round

Q: What is the best personal development advice you ever got, and from whom?

  • When I was living in poverty a member of my church insisted that I go back to college. This was the Late Dr Sylvia Tether… When I went to the school and started talking to advisors it just opened my world

Q: Can you give us a personal habit or personality trait that you think most contributes to your success?

  • Learn how to handle rejections and I beat myself up when things don't go the way I think they should. If you're really doing everything you can, then you're still winning even if something doesn't happen how you want.

Q: What does success mean to you?

  • My goal is to take all these lessons that I have paid the price for and use them to help other people pull themselves out of their difficult circumstances. Doing what I'm supposed to be doing… uplifting, opening eyes and changing minds.

Q: Where can our listeners find out more about you and what you do?

  • My website which is www.pamelamcovington.com. I write about several topics there. Right now motivational things and working with people in low to moderate income situations. Also my book: A Day At The Fare, One Woman’s Welfare Passage.

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