5 Step Checklist For Taking Effective Action

Written by Rob J. Temple

If you wanna get results in your life, you need to take action.

Makes sense, right?

Nothing groundbreaking there.

But people just seem to ignore it.

For most people, taking action, being productive and, frankly, just getting shit done is one of the most challenging things in the world.

That's why I wanted to share a checklist with you, to show you what motivates and pushes me to take effective action!

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Here goes:

Step #1: Planning –

Everything begins with an effective plan. Something solid, structured and reviewed regularly!

Planning is literally essential for your success – you need to know what your goal is and how to reach those targets (otherwise the whole thing becomes a guessing game).

There's nothing worse than just plodding about, veering back and forth and not moving forward.

Your plan needs to help you understand how to reach your desired result.

Step #2: Accountability –

Share your journey with someone. It makes it FAR easier.

We're sociable animals and we find comfort in the advice and support of someone else, on a similar path.

Whatever you're trying to do, there's probably other people who want to achieve the same thing.

Failing that, find someone who wants to hold YOU accountable for your actions on your road.

Each week, outline what you're going to do and then have them review your progress.

If you miss it, or don't get something done, they won't just be angry – they'll be disappointed ;-).

(Wanna take this to the next level? Post about your journey on social media, so that ALL of your friends can keep an eye on you!).

The fear of “letting others down” or making yourself look silly will PUSH you to achieve measurable results.

Step #3: Deadlines –

Deadlines are INCREDIBLE motivators – working on both a conscious and unconscious level.

If you've heard of ‘Parkinson's Law', you'll know that if we set ourselves a deadline, we'll end up finishing the tasks on time.

The incredible bit is that we'll actually fill the time that we're given.

So, if you set yourself a deadline of next week, you'll take longer over the work than if you set yourself a deadline of today!

For example, let's imagine you set yourself three hours to write a short story. You'll pace yourself at a rate that means you finish in about three hours.

BUT, if you set yourself the deadline of 30 minutes, you'll change the pace of your work to be harder, faster, stronger but still professionally to produce the same quality of results in a quicker time frame.

It's like MAGIC.

Set yourself deadlines for the day, week, month, and year so that you pace yourself to achieve real, measurable results!

Step #4: Daily Routine –

Your daily routine is essential for success (and I talk about this all of the time).

It's VERY true, if you want to achieve anything… it probably won't happen overnight.

You need to take advantage of momentum or the snowball effect, over a period of time.

The sneaky bit is to create a daily routine of habits, structure and focused work towards achieving your goals.

To become successful at anything, you have to BECOME the person who has the ability to do it.

That takes daily focus and practise to build new habits.

Step #5: Review –

The “reviewing” phase is where you look over your actions and results to see whether you’ve been effective enough.

Are you happy and satisfied with your work? Are your plans working out? If not adjust them and take the necessary “action” to create more contentment and satisfaction from your efforts.

Did you know that planes spend most of their time off-course, but through regular course correction, they're able to adjust, improve and adapt.

Constantly keep an eye on what you're doing (and how effectively it's moving you towards where you want to be).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And BOOM, there you have it.

That's my 5-step checklist for taking effective action. It’s an essential piece of kit for anyone who wants to seriously reap in results in ANYTHING they do.

This checklist is designed to show your “faults” AND “strong points”.

This is going to help you take effective action and move forward in exactly the right way.

Now, the ball is in your court! Use my checklist and see how your results begin to change and become far more measurable.

Oh, but before you do… make sure to drop a comment below and let me know what your big ‘Aha!' moments were.

About the author

Rob J. Temple

Rob is a hypnotist, success coach and the founder of He is on a one-man mission to help ONE MILLION people to build a happier, more confident, fulfilled and successful life.

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