The Science Behind Affirmations

Written by Rob J. Temple

If you've followed me for any length of time, you probably know that I'm not a fan of spiritual mumbo-jumbo or psychobabble.

I find that a TON of the stuff that people are ‘peddling' in the self-development world is 99% bullshit.

That's why, for a REALLY long time, I completely disregarded and ignored the idea of affirmations.

I actually just really struggled to accept that repeating something over and over again could have any positive effect on the mind or body.

In fact, I saw documentaries about ‘How to become rich' seminars, where delegates paid thousands of pounds to be taught weird rituals, like rubbing their earlobes and repeating ‘I am a good money manager' over and over… expecting to become rich.

Sorry to sound like a grumpy old fucker, but when it sounds like bullshit, looks like bullshit, smells like bullshit… it usually is.

Since then, I've given it a lot of thought, effort and research and actually realised that affirmations have a REAL place in the world of personal development, but only when you understand why they work.

A ton of experts claim that affirmations work by channeling universal forces or divine intervention, to get results.

LOL. That's why I had such a problem with the whole concept.

In my mind, the real scientific evidence and TRUTH behind why affirmations work is even more magical than that.

You see, there’s no need for us to place the focus of our own self-improvement anywhere outside of ourselves.

WE are the magic.

We are the tool and solution that makes affirmations work, because the answer is built into our biology and psychology.

Isn’t that incredible?

To know that YOU have control over your own internal programming. Why rely on something outside of you to change you?

Change begins within and is then reflected outside of us.

The Nitty Gritty

Ok, so let’s get down to it. What is the “science” behind affirmations?

It’s really quite simple…

When we impress a certain statement about ourselves on a continuous basis over an extended period of time, we form new brain synapses and pathways which create new beliefs about ourselves.

These new beliefs change our actions, which then transform the results we see in life.

Highly regarded professors such as Dr. Joe Dispenza have given TED talks on this subject. In fact, you can view his TED talk below:

Let’s put this idea into an example:

‘Toby has a busy work life. He also has three kids and a wife and they all live in a nice family home.

Toby works 5-6 days each week at 12 hours a shift, he’s always shattered when he gets home, and in his time off he feels drained.

Toby wants to spend more quality time with his family. Whenever he tries to spend more time with them, he finds his emotional balance is all over the place, and he can’t keep on top of his fatigue levels.

Then, his friend Nick from work introduces him to affirmations. He teaches him how and why they work, and Toby thinks he might as well give them a go.

Toby repeats affirmations related to fatigue, work life, family life, and his emotions numerous times each day for three months.

Over this period of time, his neural pathways and synapses are forming, and the old ones are being replaced with new positive and agenda aligned beliefs about himself.

Suddenly, Toby finds that new results are beginning to appear in his life. He seems to have more time on his hands, he’s on top of his emotional state, and his work life is more enjoyable too.

Toby continues using his affirmations, and he continues to bring in more satisfactory results'.

Piece by piece, over a relatively short period of time, affirmations can create huge shifts in your results.

However, the most IMPORTANT thing to note is that you must use them daily for as long as it takes your brain to latch onto the ideas and start acting upon them.

The brain can’t distinguish a truth from a lie, it doesn’t compute negation.

You've probably heard (or maybe even experienced) that if someone tells a lie often enough, eventually they will come to completely believe it themselves?

That's literally how affirmations work.

On a conscious level we know we’re telling ourselves ‘white lies', our unconscious mind doesn’t.

Over time, our unconscious overrides our conscious mind, as the brain synapses change, and we start to act differently.

What’s that old self-improvement statement we hear so often?

If you want different results, you need to do things differently…

Intrigued and want to know more? I've put together a training on how to use affirmations properly, to completely re-program your mind and change your life!

Click here to check out the Affirmations Handbook.

Don't forget to drop me a quick comment below and let me know what you think! What experience do you have with affirmations?

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Rob J. Temple

Rob is a hypnotist, success coach and the founder of He is on a one-man mission to help ONE MILLION people to build a happier, more confident, fulfilled and successful life.

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